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Can the birdhouse be used outside?

All birdhouse’s are primarily designed for use outdoors. Your birdhouse should be positioned well away from bird feeding tables and should not face south. I suggest putting the houses in reasonably sheltered areas away from the prevailing wind, rain and direct sunlight and away from possible disturbances and predators, at least 2 metres off the ground.

All bird houses can either stand freely, be fixed to a post or be screwed in line with the entrance hole to a tree or other secure mount.

Can the birdhouse be cleaned internally?

Most birdhouse’s have some form of access for cleaning by unscrewing the base, the roof or a side panel.

Photographic discrepancies

My bird houses are constantly under development and some that are displayed are unfinished. Please contact me should you wish to see more up-to-date images of a particular model.