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Birdhouses by ‘birdhouse follies’.
Created in the High Peak.


Our birdhouses are designed as an original and attractive backyard habitat for our feathered friends who need shelter, protection and a safe place to raise their young.

Each birdhouse is a one-off design. It is original, unique and as green as possible.

Each house is built using structurally sound designs that have been developed over a number of years. They are assembled with exterior glue, nails and screws. Some pieces have been sealed with special formulations designed to preserve and enhance the natural characteristics of the wood, while others retain their original qualities. Subtle amounts of acrylic coloration may have been applied to different elements of each bird house design. They are constructed and finished using many recycled natural materials in an effort to be as green as possible.

Every bird house develops organically over several months and after many different treatments. Much care and consideration is given to the materials used and the individual and unique design elements of each house, to create a valued high quality product. Careful hand-distressing and finishing treatments are achieved through each stage of the design process.

After almost 50 years involvement in the Construction Industry, Education and Project Management, I now focus my passion for art and nature on the design and creation of these unique birdhouses.  Careful placement in your garden will not only enhance your garden and the bird house itself but will provide an eye-catching focal point, whilst attracting your local birds into your garden and providing them with a home.

I began making birdhouses many years ago, from discarded pieces of wood and other materials I found lying around the garage or garden. I find it fascinating watching the various species visit and checkout the different houses around the garden while I am working or relaxing alongside them.

My early birdhouses were nothing more than fairly basic boxes but I always liked to add something different to each one, whether it was a bit of colour or a small piece of branch, anything I had to hand that gave it some character.  It added variety and more surprisingly brought into the garden a whole new element of life and bird song.

More recently I began working from the garden cabin, giving more time to painting, signs and more detailed bird houses.

Soon my work attracted the attention of renowned and award winning author Gordon Thorburn who has now included them in his new book.

So here we are. A small home based, ecologically inspired project has now become birdhousefollies.com